self care rituals

Make your daily and weekly self care practices sacred by bringing to them a strong sense of presence, awareness and clarity of intention. Allow enough space and time that these rituals unfold with ease into an observation of self love.

Ritual and intention promote a calm presence and sense of direction which supports the letting go of stress (or the letting go of the need to control which leads to stress).

Add self care techniques to your daily routine. Anything from hot baths and skin exfoliation to more specifically tailored Ayurvedic self healing, meditation and movement practices.


Here are a few go to Ayurvedic self care techniques  

-Tongue scraping  

Milk the tongue of build up with a stainless steel tongue cleaner.

Work from the base of tongue to the tip 7x in the morning before taking water.

-Dry skin brushing 

Exfoliate the skin with a dry brush, working in small circular motions from the periphery towards the center of the body.

-Oil massage

Put massage oil in a small container (one may choose to seek the advice of a trained Ayurvedic practitioner to help determine the type of oil that best suits) and place that container of oil into a mug of warm water to heat the oil to body temperature.

After dry skin brushing, massage oil into the skin, using long strokes along the limbs and circular strokes at the joints. On the abdominal region, begin massaging oil near the right hip up to the ribs, then transverse above the navel to the left and down towards the left hip. Follow with a steam or a warm shower.